Week 12 (April 19 – 25)

  1. Work on rough draft of Essay 4, and post on blog by Sunday, April 25 at midnight. If you don’t have time to complete the draft, try for at least 3 or 4 pictures with text, and a note about what remaining images will be (note that assignment requires 6 – 8 photos or images).
  2. Peer review of Essay 3, to be posted as comment on your partner’s blog and as a post on your own blog. As always, partners are assigned only for people who have rough draft posted; if you pst late, let me know via email and I’ll try to find you a partner. Be sure to address all of the following questions.
    1.  Questions:
      • Does the writer have a clear thesis, appropriately placed, that takes a position and gives the basic idea of how argument will unfold?
      • Does the writer provide sufficient evidence to make his/her argument? Please indicate any places where more specific evidence could be used to better support the writer’s claim.
      • Are paragraphs each focused on one main point? Indicate any paragraphs that seem to”drift” from one main idea to another, as well as any places where two paragraphs would work better if run together (i.e., there do not seem to be distinctly different main ideas in each of the paragraphs).
      • Does the writer address the opposing view and answer it back in some way? Indicate where this happens.
      • Does the author correctly use in-text citations where required, and is the Works Cited in proper MLA format?
    2. Peer review partners
      • Angel and Kerri
      • Daphnee and Freddie
      • Nekole and Stephanie
      • Alec and Vanessa
      • Ryuto and Marguerite

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  1. Side bar on the left with the peer’s names and all the other information is not there, so how to suppose to locate the peer’s blog for peer review.

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