End of semester info

Portfolios are due Thursday, Dec. 13 at 8 pm. You may still make minor edits until about 8 am in the morning on Dec. 14, but the portfolio must be essentially done and posted by the evening of Dec. 13 or you will receive an incomplete in the class until your portfolio can be read at […]

Ethnography samples

Wilderland data Website Album ************************************************ “Immortal Horizon“: an ethnography on ultrarunning by Leslie Jamison “Tomorrow’s Superstars”   “The American Male, Age 10” : Susan Orlean’s ethnographic profile “Ethnography of Nine-Year-Old American Girls“: student sample ethnographic profile ************************************************  

Articles for Essay 2: Text-wrestling

The arts Museums Can Change–Will They? The Problem with Muzak Crime/justice Color Lines A New View of Crime in America Health Education The New Preschool is Crushing Kids Why Do Americans Stink at Math? Family and relationships The Dangers of Distracted Parenting How to Save Marriage in America Food Loving Animals to Death Broccoli’s Extreme Makeover […]

In-class summary practice

Post your group’s summary of How Puberty Kills Girls’ Confidence on google doc here.

Welcome to fall semester!

(NOTE: to read this entire post, click on the title above “Welcome to fall semester!) Assignments for Week 1. For an introduction to the course, please read over the material in the drop-down menu labelled “Intro” at the left of the menu bar. If you click on the word “Intro,” you’ll get a short intro […]

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