Articles for Essay 3: text wrestling

family/relationships: Home Economics All Joy and No Fun crime: The Long Tail of the Attica Prison Riot The Prisoner sports: Will Violence Save Football? The Olympics Show Why College Sports Should Give Up on Amateurism health: Smile! You’ve Got Cancer One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die the arts: Art for Everybody On […]

Writing summaries

Writing summaries

Being able to write a clear and accurate summary is a valuable skill in both school and the workplace. Often when we do research, we read many more pages than we write, and our job is to condense and make sense of that material for our reader, perhaps to use what we have read to […]

More on ethnography assignment

I just wanted to emphasize a few things about this assignment. You need to go to a physical place or a virtual space (where people interact–not just a website!) or interview an actual person. This is direct research, though you may add in some information from other sources (Internet, books, etc.) if you feel that […]

Peer review

Peer review

Some students feel uncomfortable with the whole idea of peer review, either feeling inadequate themselves to offer feedback to other students (“I’m not the teacher!”) or not trusting the feedback of other students (“What does he know? He’s not the teacher!”) The most important thing to realize is that your job as a peer reviewer […]

More thoughts/info on theme proposals

Your choice of a theme is, of course, crucial, so be sure to take some time to fully consider your interests and options. You may not want to settle immediately on a topic that you usually write about. I’d like you to select a theme that will provoke you to ask some questions and that […]

Welcome to spring semester!

(NOTE: to read this entire post, click on the title above “Welcome to spring semester!) Assignment for Week 1. For an introduction to the course, please read over the material in the drop-down menu labelled “Intro” at the left of the menu bar. If you click on the word “Intro,” you’ll get a short intro […]

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