Citation tutorial

Since quite a few of you are having some problems doing citation, I made a video to show you the basics, along with where you can find resources on the blog: I forgot to get into how to use EasyBib and other online citation “machines.” I’ll try to find a tutorial later today that does […]

Info for portfolio and other end of semester stuff

I will be working to give feedback to those who have submitted arguments and/or photo essays this weekend, as well as getting graded drafts of Essay 3 back. Note that you should now be focusing on portfolio pieces: finishing up rough drafts to get feedback from me, polishing up graded final drafts, and then composing […]

Some suggested research questions for Essay 4

Arts Postmodernism versus modernism? (This is quite a complex issue, difficult to handle in several pages.) Should arts programs be cut (or expanded)? Graffiti art or vandalism? (or should graffiti artists be prosecuted?) How has digital music changed the listening experience? Is motion-capture technology (such as in The Polar Express) good for actors, or does […]

Articles for Essay 3 (text-wrestling)

Family/relationships: All Joy and No Fun: why Parents Hate Parenting Technology: Let the Robot Drive Food Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch Health and medicine Letting Go Crime and justice Prison without Walls Sports Man and superman Nature and environment  Passing the Torch Art The Shazam Effect Business Clicks and Mortar Education School Reform […]

Peer review questions for memoir

Peer review partner assignments will be given on the Assignments page for your class. In your peer reviews, please address the following questions. (I’ll post link to some examples of good peer reviews shortly.) Post your peer review both as a comment on your partner’s essay and as a separate post on your own blog. […]

Blog tour

Here’s a rough video I made to show you around the blog:

More thoughts/info on theme proposals

Your choice of a theme is, of course, crucial, so be sure to take some time to fully consider your interests and options. You may not want to settle immediately on a topic that you usually write about. I’d like you to select a theme that will provoke you to ask some questions and that […]

Welcome to spring semester!

(NOTE: to read this entire post, click on the title above “Welcome to spring semester!) Assignment for short week 1 (for online class, this is due Sunday, Jan. 24, but if you have technical difficulties this date is flexible–just be sure to be in touch so we can get you up and running). After this […]

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